Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday Summary

Although it seemed to me that there was less buzz than normal leading up to the big game, Super Bowl XLIII turned out to be one of the best in the championship game's history. The team I was pulling for took home the Lombardi Trophy, so it's all good. Since you don't come here to get in-depth sports analysis, I will leave it to ESPN and their ilk to break the game down.

Luckily the game itself was a winner because most of the commercials weren't worthy of airing during the single biggest event in American sports. Here are some of the ones that stood out, for better or worse:

* I thought the Audi spot featuring action film star Jason Statham traveling through the decades was pretty cool.

* I got a laugh from the Bud Light commercial where the employee gets thrown out of a window for jokingly suggesting that they cut costs by not ordering the potent potable for every meeting.

* e Trade- I was immediately turned off during last year's Super Bowl as soon as the talking baby spit up food at the end of the spot. It's pretty much been all downhill since then. Whenever those commercials come on, I can't get to the remote fast enough. That rugrat needs to go away... NOW!!

* Maybe it's because I'm a fan of Hulu and Alec Baldwin, but I really enjoyed the commercial he did for the web streaming service.

As for the halftime show starring Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, it ranks right up there with Prince's performance from 2007. If people say that the Boss and his gang surpassed His Royal Badness, they won't get an argument from me. Even though I have never seen a Springsteen concert in person, I've seen enough footage to know that he's a master at putting on a live show. I loved the way he talked to the millions of viewers telling us to step away from the guacamole dip and to put down the chicken fingers down for the next 12 minutes. Those who listened to him were smart because Bruce and company were solid throughout. Some might say that the "referee" coming onstage to throw a flag near the end of the performance was corny theatrics, but I thought it was good old fashioned show biz.

What are your thoughts on the Super Bowl commercials and Bruce's halftime performance?


Jay said...

The fourth quarter of the game was sooo exciting. Very intense and lots of great plays being made by great players under pressure.

The Boss rocked the house. I wish he had had more than 12 mins, but he was great.

I don't bother with the commercials. They're hyped more than the game.

Candy Minx said...

What a game...seriously it's the very core of what is so fantastic about it isn't over till it's over. One minute can be 20 minutes.

LOVED Bruce, he is amazing and he sure did give Prince a run for the honours.

As for the commercials...I liked the same ones you did, the time travel one and the Alec Baldwin were what I hope for during Superbowl.

I suspect the commercials were slacking because all the big companies are broke! I think we just saw a sign of the bad economy yesterday for such few inventive ads.

Janet said...

Bruce was great! I saw him back in 1973 and he was amazing then, too.

Yeah, I can't stand that baby either...gah!

Malcolm said...

Jay: Because the 4th quarter was so great, I think some people have gone overboard in saying that the game itself was the greatest Super Bowl ever.

12 minutes wasn't nearly enough for The Boss. It is better to be left wanting more though.

Candy: I think your theory about why the commercials weren't so hot is on the money. Apparently, creativity on Madison Avenue costs a lot of money.

Janet: I never thought about going to see Bruce live until recently. I knew he was an outstanding performer, but now I think I have to see it in person.

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