Friday, February 20, 2009

Old School Friday: The Jackson Family

Just like the New Edition one from the OSF two weeks ago, this week's Jackson family theme has a bunch of possibilities.

For clip #1, I selected a "should have been a bigger hit" by The Jacksons, 1981's Can You Feel It. If you want to skip past the conceptual B.S. of the video and get to the song, start the clip at the 50 second mark.

The 2nd performance is by brother Jermaine, getting some help from a couple of members of Devo on Let Me Tickle Your Fancy. Although I thought Devo singing backup on this hit was an odd combination when it came out in 1982, it works!

The final clip features sister Janet showing off her hard rock side on her 1990 single Black Cat.

You can watch all three performances in the You Tube player below:

This meme was developed by Marvalus View and Ms. Grapevine. The rules are simple:

1. Anyone can participate; any music genre
2. Old School is defined as music created before 1999
3. No offensive words allowed, please use edited radio version
4. Post a video of your favorite Old School song to take us back down memory lane
5. Add your name to the meme list so that others can check you out
6. Have fun & don't forget to leave comments for other participants

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Hey Shae! said...

I don't know how this song charted on billboard, but it was definitely a hit in my house.

MrsGrapevine said...

I have come to realize this week that I am not a true Jackson fan. I don't know half these songs.

I do know Black Cat, and I love that song, but I am so lost this week.

My mom didn't listen to a lot of Jackson music, and when I started listening to music, Michael Jackson was solo, and Janet Jackson was on Fame and Different Strokes...

pjazzypar said...

Of course I know these songs. Good picks. I have always been a huge fan of Janet's every since control.

Thembi said...

I love
1. How we picked the same photo
2. "Can You Feel It"
3. That we both dared to go there with Jermaine.

Marvalus said...

Tee hee hee @ Thembi's comment...

That "Can You Feel It" vid has too much going on...too much outside noise...I love the song, hate the vid...

Good choices!

PopArtDiva said...

I loved the Can You Feel It video - including the first 50 seconds of BS, lol.
With apologies to MsMarvelus, as an artist it's all about the visuals for me in a video and I liked this "Logan's Run" meets "1984" feel.

BTW, Malcolm, how are you getting different YouTube videos in one player? What a space saver that would be!

I like Devo - ok, I'm a little weird - there's just something about that tech/synthesizer sound that appeals to the I, Robot in me, lol.

Thanks for stopping by my Oscar themed OSF - I had to hunt hard to find an Oscar related song for the Jackson's but I finally found the only Jackson song nominated for an Oscar.

Malcolm said...

Hey Shae: "Can You Feel It" hit #30 on the R&B chart and only #77 pop. Despite that, I remember it getting a lot of airplay on the R&B station in Flint.

Mrs. Grapevine: Your assignment for next weekend is to lock yourself in a room and listen to nothing but songs by the Jackson family. Because I'm not a cruel person, you can refrain from listening to anything from LaToya's catalogue. You can also pass on any of the Jacksons albums from "Victory" and thereafter.

Pjazzy: Although I didn't own "Control" it seemed like I did because a friend had the cassette. Plus, the videos were in constant rotation on the various video outlets.

Thembi: It was harder than I thought to find a photo with all of the Jackson siblings. Even though it didn't include Jermaine, it was the clearest one I was able to locate.

I don't know why Jermaine stopped having hits, but he was fairly consistent for awhile. Speaking of Jermaine, I would have included this song if I had thought about it:

Marvalus: Yes, some of that stuff in the "Can You Feel It" video is distracting.

Pop Art Diva: You are right...putting multiple clips in one player is a space saver. It also cuts down on the time for a blog page to load too. Here is how you do it:

1. After picking your first clip, click the "Playlist" link underneath
2. From the drop down menu, select "New Playlist", click OK
3. Fill in the appropriate fields on the Create/Edit playlist page, click "Save Playlist Info" button at the bottom
4. Add the other clip(s) to the playlist
5. From the "Account" drop down menu at the top right of the page, choose "more..."
6. Under the "More" heading, click the Custom Video Players link
7. Next, click the "Create Custom Player" button
8. Fill in the Player Name/Description info and choose a theme/layout
9. From the Content section, find the playlist you created and then click "Select"
10. Click "Generate Code" to save the player and create the necessary code for embedding on your blog
11. If you've finished editing this player, click the "Finish" button to return to your list of players.

Let me know how this works for you or if you have any questions.

Regina said...

Great picks! and I love the family photo op.
I LOVE Black Cat!
I agree with Ms.Marva, I like the song "Can You Feel It" but I always hated the video.

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