Sunday, May 3, 2009

The 2009 TV Land Awards

Since I have dogged out TV Land over the past few years for some of their programming decisions, it's only fair to give 'em props when they do something right. I don't know if any of you caught it, but the 2009 TV Land Awards (which first aired on Sunday, April 26) was outstanding! Here's a summary of some of my favorite moments:

*Host Neil Patrick Harris (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite entertainers). In addition to his hosting duties, Neil also did a Billy Crystalesque montage at the top of the show in which he appeared as cast members in TV series from the past and present.

* Cast reunions of TV series such as M*A*S*H, Home Improvement (where the hell are you Jonathan Taylor Thomas?), Married with Children, and Knots Landing.

* A "live blogging" bit where Neil would periodically read the online "comments" by someone watching the telecast and then reveal that they were "made" by a celebrity in the audience.

* The performance by Earth, Wind and Fire (winners of the "Entertainers" award) to close the show.

*Even with all this, my favorite part of the event was the tribute to Sid and Marty Krofft (who won the "Pop Culture" award), complete with an elaborate production number featuring the themes to many of their Saturday morning live-action shows. You can watch it below:

In case you missed the 2009 TV Land Awards, you may be able to catch a rebroadcast of it on the cable channel. You can also click the The 2009 TV Land Awards link to watch highlights of the event.


Jason Elias said...

The parts I saw of the TV Land Awards were good. Still strange seeing and hearing EWF without Maurice on stage with them, can't say I enjoy it.

Don't know why Jonathan Taylor Thomas didn't show up, I think there's still bad blood between him and Tim Allen.

Candy Minx said...

I missed this and I hope I can catch it repeated. Enjoyed your review! I LOVE NPH...I am loving Monday night tv. For an hour and a half I just straight giggle through "The Big Bang Theory", "How I Met Your Mother" and "Two and a Half Men". Wonderful!

Malcolm said...

Jason: Although I think they still put on a good show, I agree that it is a bit strange seeing EWF w/o Maurice White. His absence does help showcase the versatility of Philip Bailey though.

I remember reading about bad feelings between Jonathan and Tim during the last season of Home Improvement. I think it had something to do with Jonathan wanting to take time off to focus on school.

Candy: Thanks! The CBS Monday night lineup is one of the best on TV in my opinion. I may be the wrong person to opine because I will laugh at damn near anything.

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