Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Retro Mix Playlist For 5/1/09

7 pm hour

New Years Day- U2
City Song (NY State of the World)- Luscious Jackson
Jungle Boogie- Kool & the Gang
He's A Friend- Eddie Kendricks
Steppin' Out- Joe Jackson
The Metro- Berlin
Delirious- Prince
WooHah!! Got You All In Check- Busta Rhymes

The Greatest Miss of the Week:
Ways To Be Wicked- Lone Justice (peaked at #71 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1985)

Love the One You're With- Stephen Stills
In My Dreams- Dokken
Round and Round- Ratt
Change- Blind Melon
Fade Into You- Mazzy Star
Don't Knock My Love- Wilson Pickett

8 pm hour

Relax- Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Wet My Whistle- Midnight Star
Best of My Love- The Emotions
Little Green Bag- The George Baker Selection
Tribute to Bea Arthur: The Theme from Maude- Donny Hathaway
On and On- Erykah Badu
Tennessee- Arrested Development
Da Da Da I Don't Love You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha- Trio

With or Without You segment's feat. artist: John Fogerty
Lookin' Out My Back Door- CCR
The Old Man Down the Road- John Fogerty

Wild Night- John Mellencamp and Me'shell Ndegeocello
Will the Wolf Survive- Los Lobos
Kitty- Racey
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker- The Ramones
Heatseeker- AC/DC

The Retro Mix Video of the Week: Wild Night by John Mellencamp and Me'shell Ndegeocello


Mama Pajama said...

We just saw the movie The Wrestler, and Chris disturbingly knew all the words to Round and Round :).

That Arrested Development CD was one my first CDs. I liked Tennessee and Mr. Wendel. It's funny b/c Cameron likes songs with good beats (his favorites are Promiscuous Girl, Don'tCha, and 9 to 5 - yes Dolly Parton's version -He also seems to like Tennessee). He bounces on his arms when he likes a song :).

Malcolm said...

Mama PJ: That's a funny story about Chris. I didn't realize that I knew the song as well as I did until I played drums along to it on Rock Band 2 late last year.

I had that Arrested Development album on cassette. Just this morning, I was saying to myself that I wished I had some of the other songs (like Mr. Wendal) on CD. Cameron has good taste. I just played 9 to 5 in my head... I had forgotten about the good, driving beat of that song.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

aw Mellencamp. I'm still trying to fathom a concert with him on the bill behind Dylan and Willie Nelson. Its too freaky for me to comprehend

Malcolm said...

Mistress of the D: That is one helluva concert bill! Mellencamp is on my list of artists that I want to see live one of these days. Somebody was telling me that he puts on an outstanding show.

Janet said...

Love Fogerty!

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