Friday, May 29, 2009

Retro Commercials: The Monkees Pimp For Kellogg's

For awhile now, I have been meaning to bring back a feature that I used to do regularly on my blog... the retro commercial. Since I haven't done this feature since last fall, I thought I'd return with a vengeance and bring you not one commercial, but six!!

The commercials below were all spots The Monkees did for Kellogg's, one of the sponsors of their TV show. I discovered these when I bought the season one DVD set to The Monkees (they are included as special features). Luckily, someone (Hannah4Monkees) combined them all into one You Tube clip. Not only does watching these spots make me hungry for a Jethro Bodine-sized bowl of Rice Krispies (with a heaping help of sugar), but they also put me in the mood to hear some of those cardboard records of Monkee tunes that Kellogg's would sometimes include on the back of cereal boxes.


The Mistress of the Dark said...

They pimped for Kool-aid too. My favorite ads though were the Moody Blues for Coke.

BookMama said...

Wow, I haven't seen those in ages! I have to think that Mike Nesmith must have hated doing those commercials. LOL

Malcolm said...

Mistress of the D: I've seen those Kool-aid commercials with the Monkees (after they had "Petered out"). Yes, I am a fan of horrible puns, lol.

I found a radio ad of the Moody Blues selling Coke. Good stuff. Do you know if they ever did TV commercials for Coke?

Book Mama: I can picture Mike grumbling that the spots were silly. By the way, in case you didn't know, those commercials are included as special features on the Monkees Season One DVD set.

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