Sunday, December 20, 2009

Actress Brittany Murphy Dead At 32

This story literally made me jump in my chair from shock. Actress Brittany Murphy was pronounced dead this morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after going into full cardiac arrest. Perhaps best known as Tai Frasier in the 1995 movie Clueless, Murphy also appeared in such films as Don't Say A Word, Girl Interrupted, Uptown Girls, and 8 Mile. She is survived by her husband, British screenwriter Simon Monjack (whom she wed in May, 2007).

For more on the story, please visit the link below:

Brittany Murphy Dead At 32


Regina said...

that is so young, I hope someone is investigating. May she rest in peace, my condolences to her family.

pjazzypar said...

What a formidable talent! Anytime she was in a scene she stole, even drawing attention from Angelina Jolie in "Girl Interrupted" which was no easy feat. She is in one of the funniest scenes on film in my opinion. She and Drew Barrymore's "Riding In Cars With Boys" characters are debating how to break the news of a pregnancy. Brittany is hilarious as she becomes the mother first hearing the news. It was so funny, if you haven't seen it be sure to check it out. I hope there was no foul play and that she has a peaceful journey.

Barbara aka Layla said...

I agree, she had a lot of talent and was often overlooked because most of the attention went to the better known actors/actresses that she appeared with.

I hope it was not foul play or drugs :(

ThatTeowonna! said...

I didn't know her by name but have seen her in a couple of things. I liked that girl. Hate that she passed. I hope no foul play.

Malcolm said...

Posted via my Facebook page:

Dina: What??? That's very sad....
SNL did a bit on her last week for being kicked off a movie.

Jessica the Rock Chick: So incredibly sad, Malcolm. When I first heard cardiac arrest at her age, my first thought was it's the result of an eating disorder. My daughter struggles with anorexia and it's a constant fear of mine.

Pjazzy: Oh yeah Malcolm, Brittany was green lighted to portray Janis Joplin in a biopic over Courtney Love.

Bridget: Coronary, I read. Speculation will be hot and heavy, to be sure. She did look awfully thin...

Holly: My immediate thought after seeing recent pictures was anorexia or something....but who knows. What a tragedy.

Malcolm said...

Regina: We should know more about Brittany's death in a few weeks.

Pjazzy: She was good in "Girl Interrupted". I can't remember where, but I did see that scene you referenced from "Riding In Cars With Boys". Funny stuff.

Barbara: Had she lived, I think Brittany could have gone on to have a solid career as a supporting player. Often, the most memorable roles in movies are the supporting ones.

ThatTeowonna: Although I hadn't seen much of her recent work, I liked her too.

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