Monday, December 7, 2009

Final Results of the Recent Twilight Poll

With just over 1/3 of the votes, it appears there are several ladies who don't give a damn about the "Twilight" saga. Still, that doesn't change the fact that "Twilight" is probably the biggest female oriented pop culture phenomenon since Titanic. Yes, I know that a lot of guys saw Titanic, but how many of them were dragged to the theater by their wives/girlfriends? If you add up the "Twi-hard" and the non-"Twi-hard" (but still a fan) votes, it would slightly edge out those females who have no interest in whether or not Bella chooses Edward or Jacob.

I was a bit surprised that 10% voted "What the hell is Twilight?" I know at least one of those who voted that way knows what Twilight is, but chose that option because it was the closest to how they feel.

Something I learned from a co-worker is that there is a large contingent of Twilight "lolfans" who follow the saga simply to make fun of it. If you want to join in on the mockery, here is the link to a forum I found.

Here are the final poll results to the question where I asked what are your thoughts on the "Twilight" saga?:

I'm a female and I still don't give a damn about it!- 36%
I'm A "Twi-hard"! and The books and movies- 19% each
I'm a dude, so I couldn't care less- 13%
What the hell is "Twilight?!- 10%

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