Thursday, April 22, 2010

Please Take A Moment To Vote In the "What 90s Movie Should Malcolm Watch Next?" Poll... Thank You

Yes, it's time for you to make your voice heard and vote for a movie I'm interested in seeing, but haven't yet. This time I've selected six movies from the 1990s. The movie with the most votes is the one I will watch next. Once I watch it, I'll post a review. Feel free to post in the comments section why you feel that I should watch the movie that you chose.


pjazzypar said...

You cannot lose with "Sling Blade".

BeckEye said...

Groundhog Day!!! It's been on TBS On Demand for, like, 2 years straight. I don't know how you've missed it.

I thought American Beauty was good, but overrated. Same with The Big Lebowski, which was even MORE overrated. Hated Magnolia. Pump Up the Volume was good enough for what it was. And I sure do like that Sling Blade...mmmmmm hmmm.

joe said...

Since yours is a pop culture blog, and Lebowski has had the biggest impact on the culture, I say that's the one. Magnolia is brilliant, but tedious, Slingblade, forgettable. I loved American Beauty at the time but have never felt compelled to see it again. Pump seems skippable, and Groundhog Day might be best viewed in 15 minute chunks.

Also, I didn't like Lebowski at first, but I watched it again and was won over. I just succumbed.

Judi said...

I enjoyed all these films, but American Beauty is a classic to me.

red said...

Like Becks, I don't know how you've missed Groundhogs Day! It gets better with multiple watchings.

TBL has been hyped like crazy. I love it, but I can see how it can be overhyped. I also really love Magnolia, but it's long...and Pump Up the Volume is only good if you have a thing for Christian Slater. American Beauty is probably the most generic of the bunch and I thought Slingblade was boring. Sorry!!!

But my word ver is "sling." Maybe it's trying to tell you something?

Janet said...

It was a tough call for me between Groundhog Day and Slingblade...both are awesome, but Groundhog Day really made me laugh so I went with that.

Media Mug Shot said...

You can never go wrong with the Dude!

WestSideSlant said...

I say you should watch Groundhog Day...17 times in a row.

Candy Minx said...

I really love all of these...but I chose Groundhog Day becauase it's the kind of movie that can inspire you to watch more movies!

I hope you watch all of these really soon. You will love American Beauty and Big Leb I think...but GD will warm you up....

Malcolm said...

Pjazzy: "Sling Blade" was on one of the channels I have on "On Demand" recently, but for whatever reason, I didn't watch it.

BeckEye: The reason I haven't seen "Groundhog Day" on TBS On Demand is because I don't have TBS On Demand on my cable system. :-)

Although I have heard a lot of hype about "The Big Lebowski", I will watch it with no expectations. Whether it receives the most votes or not, I will eventually get around to checking it out. The same goes with the other movies in the poll.

Red: See my comments to BeckEye for one reason why I've missed the always on "Groundhog Day". Another reason is that even though TBS, TNT, AMC, etc. show it consistently, I rarely watch big screen movies that are aired with commercials if I haven't already seen them.

I had planned on watching "Magnolia" back in the early 2000s, but didn't because of it's length. Not that I'm opposed to long movies, I just wasn't in the mood at the time to sit through an epic.

Janet: It's hard to go wrong with Bill Murray.

Media Mug Shot: I hope "The Dude" can live up to the hype.

West Side Slant: Years ago, I watched "House Party" on Showtime on a Friday night. I was all set to watch "Groundhog Day" on Saturday, but that damned Friday just kept repeating itself. Which explains why I can quote lines from "House Party" verbatim.

Candy: No, I don't wanna be inspired to watch more movies! :-) I'll never wanna leave my apartment again!

Kristi Mantoni said...

"Phil? Phil Conner?"

I love that movie!!!

I caught some of Victoria Jackson's "performance" when my husband was flipping through the channels this weekend. OMG! I don't understand how people can actually BELIEVE that crap! Frankly, I think the "Tea Party" is just the modern day KKK.

Malcolm said...

Kristi: Thanks to Google, I was able to learn what the "Phil Conner" reference meant. :-)

I couldn't agree with you more about Victoria Jackson. What I am learning is that many people are willing to throw logic and reason out the window when it comes to politics.

Although I wouldn't call the Tea Party the KKK, I do believe a racist element exists within it. If you have time, you should check out a guest post a conservative blogger allowed me to use over at my other blog (Diversity Ink). Here is the link to the post:

We've got a lively debate going on over there.

X. Dell said...

As far as 90s movies go, these are all pretty much required viewing. Maybe you could work your way down the list alphabetically?

Malcolm said...

X. Dell: What I may do is watch them in order based on the number of votes they received. Knowing me, there will probably be no rhyme nor reason as to the order in which I watch them.

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