Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Tunes, Week 129: Radio, Radio!

This week's theme is "Radio"...

Radio inspired many songs, what is your favorite? "Life Is A Rock, But the Radio Rolled Me" by Reunion

Do you still listen to the radio? Why/Why not?

Yes, because I like to take a break from listening to CDs while in my car. I also enjoy the feeling of discovering a song or hearing one that I haven't heard in awhile. In addition to listening in the car, I also occasionally stream stations at home (this is how I listen to the classic alternative show "Time Warp with Cristina" Sunday mornings from 8-noon on 89X.)

What's your favorite station? WDRQ, 93.1 (aka "Doug FM"). It's format is "Variety Hits".

Are there any songs you discovered on the radio? Yes.

What are they? Although the number of songs is countless, a recent one comes to mind: "He's Mine" by The Platters. I was listening to Little Walter's Time Machine a couple of Saturdays ago and heard it. It's the only single of theirs I know of that features the female member (Zola Taylor) on lead vocals. I didn't even know the song existed, but I looked it up and found that it reached #23 pop and #5 R&B.


BeckEye said...

I hate mainstream radio now and avoid it whenever I can. The only station I listen to is our public station, WYEP, which is pretty awesome. It's introduced me to a lot of bands over the years, like two of my current obsessions: The Avett Brothers and Yeasayer.

When I think of "radio" songs, I immediately think of "Radio Gaga." And then REM's "Radio Song."

Candy Minx said...

I love listening to the radio...and I still do. In a car...in my bedroom. I love to lay in bed staring at the ceiling listening to what one dj or another chooses...

X. Dell said...

Radio is such an intimate medium as well. There's just you and the personality on the other end. They might play records, tell jokes, or scream rants, but they're all directed at you.

Malcolm said...

BeckEye: Mainstream radio today for the most part is disappointing because I remember the days when stations took more chances and had wider playlists. Some have gotten better, but I think they were forced to get up off their asses by the advent of satellite radio.

By the way, thanks for mentioning WYEP... as I type this, I am listening to it! Now, suggesting good radio stations like this might earn you some bonus points on my weekly trivia quiz. :-)

Candy: I love it when a DJ surprises me with their selection(s) and also discusses why they like certain songs.

X. Dell: It's so important to personalize things and make that connection with the people who tune in, esp. when listeners have so many other options these days.

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