Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Retro Mix Playlist For 8/1/08

12 midnight hour

Synchronicity II- The Police
Ride In the Sky- The Brand New Heavies
Jungle Love- The Time
Suspicions- Eddie Rabbit
Pick Up the Pieces- AWB
Georgy Porgy- Eric Benet
Walls Came Tumbling Down- The Style Council
Cream- Prince and the New Power Generation

With or Without You segment's feat. artist: Cher
Good Combination- Sonny & Cher
Dark Lady- solo

Chorus- Erasure
Run's House- Run DMC
Dial My Heart- The Boys
Badge- Fanny

1 am hour

Now That We Found Love- Heavy D. and the Boyz
Paying the Price of Love- The Bee Gees
Waiting For A Girl Like You- Foreigner
The Best Disco In Town- The Ritchie Family
Do That Stuff- Parliament
The Stroke- Billy Squier
In My Dreams- Dokken
Groove Thang- Zhane
Rub You the Right Way- Johnny Gill
I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am)- Gary Glitter
Little Willy- Sweet
Love Is In Control (Finger On the Trigger)- Donna Summer
Rock Lobster- The B-52s
Around the Way Girl- LL Cool J

The Retro Mix video of the week: Groove Thang by Zhane


Jessica said...

I really, really liked your show! You play some great stuff that doesn't get heard all the time. The last song I was awake for was Now That We Found Love...omg I hadn't thought about that one in so long.

You know what's funny that you have the Dokken song In My Dreams listed...I went to a Poison show last weekend, and Dokken was one of the openers. Anyway, I heard that song for the first time, and loved it! :)

Great show. I'll try to listen more often. :D

pjazzypar said...

Great show as always. I saw Zhane live back in the mid 90's when they were popular and it was arguably the best show I had ever been to. It was a a venue called "The Strand" in Rodondo Beach (directly across the street from Fat Burger) and it was so intimate. You were allowed to dance and Zhane was right on the floor with us dancing and singing. It was too cool. One of my best California memories.

Candy Minx said...


Malcolm said...

Jessica: Thank you so much! Whenever I hear "Now That We Found Love", I am taken back to the days when I was a busperson/dishwasher. We used to listen to the local R&B station at work and this song was in heavy rotation.

I had forgotten about "In My Dreams" until I saw the video on VH-1 Classic a couple of years ago. Shortly thereafter, I bought it through Napster.

Thanks for listening. I hope you can tune in again sometime.

Pjazzy: I'll bet you could do several Thursday Thirteens about the shows you've seen and not repeat yourself. I can tell that the Zhane show you went to was something to see! I have to get some more of their stuff.

Candy: Thanks!

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