Friday, August 29, 2008

Top 5 On Friday - Week 189

Top 5 On Friday - Week 189

Top 5 "Goodbye" songs

1. Kiss and Say Goodbye- The Manhattans

2. Goodbye Baby- Jack Scott

3. Never Can Say Goodbye- The Jackson Five

4. Goodbye Earl- The Dixie Chicks

5. Say Goodbye To Hollywood- Billy Joel

Never Can Say Goodbye (from their 1976-1977 variety series The Jacksons)


pjazzypar said...

As Eddie would say...he's the "greatest entertainer" of all time! Now that the Michael that I love.

Natsthename said...

Earl is one of the funniest songs, and Say Goodbye to Hollywood...sigh..from my favorite Billy Joel era!

Love every one of your songs!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I actually prefer the Communards version of Never Can Say Goodbye, but I was never a fan of Michael and Co.

And that is an awesome Joel song:)

Polly said...

Love that J5 song, and YAY for "Goodbye Earl"!

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Earl - so rednecky - but I have to admit that I like it...We saw the Dixie Chicks at the Houston Rodeo (before the controversy began) and I loved the show.

I don't know if I've heard the J5 sing Never Can Say Goodbye - but I will have to check with youtube.

Anonymous said...

oh. it was right there the whole time....just like me to miss something right in front of me.

Not my favorite J5 song, but it certainly fits the theme. :)

Drowsey Monkey said...

Oh I remember that Jackson show, lol. Love that song. It's sad to see him like that know what he became. Ah well...time effects us all in different ways.

Never realized how may goodbye songs there are. That says something about relationships, lol.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

i love him.

you know who I mean, right?


Now I am going to go spend the rest of my evening watching old J5 vids on youtube

Carol said...

Great presentation of your 5 Goodbyes! Loved the J5 back then.

Michael said...

I'm not a huge Dixie Chicks fan, but Goodbye Earl is a classic. Great list!

Fortune Cookies said...

mj when he had a nose! yay! I miss that one...
hey, thanks for stopping by my humble little blog, I think I'll be bookmarking you and coming back :)

Malcolm said...

Pjazzy: Michael is a bad dude! I just hope he allows us to see his greatness again.

Nats the Name: Thanks! "Say Goodbye to Hollywood" is my favorite Billy Joel tune. Did you know that Billy Joel wrote that song for Ronnie Spector?

Mistress of the D: I have a Jimmy Somerville "Best of" that includes his work with the Communards, The Bronski Beat, and his solo stuff. I need to play some of that on one of my upcoming shows.

Even though you want to keep it "In the Closet", I know that you really love Michael Jackson/The Jackson Five, etc. Tell the truth, don't you have one of those red "Beat It" jackets in your wardrobe.

Polly: Hearing "Never Can Say Goodbye" really takes me back to my early grade school years.

Thriving Holly: The Dixie Chicks are one of the few country styled acts that i wouldn't mind seeing live in concert. When I saw your second comment about you missing the You Tube clip I posted, I cracked up.

Drowsey Monkey: Me and my family used to watch The Jacksons every week. It seemed like every recording act that was popular in the 1970s had their own variety show, lol.

Barbara: Yes, I know your love for MJ. One of the oddest J5 clips I saw on You Tube was when they appeared on "Cher". They did a medley of their hits and she joined in with them! To watch Cher do "The Robot" has to be seen to be believed. Although Cher wasn't really known as a dancer, she did manage to stay right in step with the J5.

Carol: Thanks for stopping by!

Michael: To me, The Dixie Chicks fall into the category of recording acts that people who normally don't like country can still appreciate. I put Sugarland in the same category.

Fortune Cookies: Thanks for returning the favor by stopping by my blog. I will definitely be back to yours.

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