Saturday, May 19, 2012

Answers to Friday Funday Trivia: Looney Tunes

Before getting to the answers, here are the names of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers this week:

1st place- Michelle: 50 pts ... outstanding job!
2nd place- Dane, Rich and Teresa: 40 pts each
3rd place- Ann, Janet and Josh: 34 pts each

Congratulations to those who made it to the podium and thanks to everyone who played.


1. 2 pts- Bugs Bunny
2. 2 pts- Daffy Duck (In the 1956 Superman parody "Stupor Duck", what is the name of the main character's alter ego? 3 bonus pts)- Cluck Trent- Props to the number of you who got this bonus question correct!
3. 2 pts- Pepé Le Pew
4. 2 pts- Tweety Bird ("Tweety Pie" and simply "Tweety" are also acceptable)
5. 2 pts


6. 3 pts- Mac and Tosh (The Goofy Gophers is also acceptable)
7. 2 pts- Foghorn Leghorn (This character could often be heard singing what Stephen Foster tune? 2 bonus pts)- Camptown Races
8. 2 pts- Michigan J. Frog
9. 2 pts- The Tasmanian Devil
10. 4 pts- Ralph Phillips- Ralph was an imaginative boy who likes to daydream. He made his first appearance in the Academy Award-nominated short below (1953's From A to Z-Z-Z-Z)


11. 3 pts- Ralph Wolf- This character appeared in several cartoons with Sam the Sheepdog. Although Ralph is almost identical in appearance to Wile E. Coyote, there are some differences. The main one is that Ralph has a red nose instead of a black one. 

Michelle was the only player to correctly identify Ralph.

12. 4 pts- Speedy Gonzales- The photo above is how Speedy appeared in his first cartoon (1953's Cat Tails for Two). Two years later, Speedy was redesigned into his modern incarnation.

13. 2 pts- Marvin the Martian
14. 2 pts- Porky Pig (What is the name of this character's significant other? 2 bonus pts)- Petunia
15. 6 pts- Gossamer (Rudolph would have also been acceptable)

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