Monday, May 17, 2010

You Tube Turns 5 Years Old

On May 17 2005, the site which gave birth to the slogan "Broadcast yourself" was launched. Although it wasn't the 3rd of September, the day I accidentally discovered You Tube is one I'll always remember. While doing prep for my radio show on a Saturday afternoon back in 2005, I did an Internet search for the UK group The Housemartins. Since one of the songs on my playlist that day was their a capella version of Caravan of Love, I wanted to see if there was some interesting trivia about the band and/or song. My search took me to a results page that had a link to watch the music video for Caravan of Love on some site called You Tube and the rest is approved time wasting history:

Since I'd be here until the 10th anniversary of You Tube listing some of the best stuff I've seen on the site, here are a few of my fave clips:

Then Michigan State head football coach John L. Smith extols the virtues of his staff:

A New York news anchor asks a very important question:

A 1950s crooner literally flips his wig:

What are some of your favorite You Tube memories?

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