Monday, November 5, 2007

Bloggers With Integrity Award

Mama Pajama has given me the Bloggers With Integrity Award. This award was started by The Little Aussie Cynic to give props to those bloggers who stay true to themselves. The following paragraph, which explains the basis of the award, is taken from her blog:

"After looking, reading and watching many many Blogs and bloggers I decided to issue some recognition to those fellow bloggers I feel maintain integrity in the Blogs. All these bloggers incorporate within their wonderful sites, an integrity not always seen. They share terrific stories, topics, discussions and images. All Well worth a look."

What's different about this award is that she has broken it down into several categories. I am awarding it to the following bloggers:

For Creativity:

Susan Helene Gottfried

For Staying True To Their Beliefs:

Cindy Swanson

For Keeping It Real:

Mistress of the Dark at A Little Night Music

For Social Consciense:

Barbara (aka Layla) at Writing From the Inside Out

Although I didn't include one of the categories (For The Spirit of Giving), feel free to include if or when you pass this award on.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Aww, Malcolm, that's so sweet of you! Thanks! *smooch*

(shh! Don't tell the Tour Manager! He hates it when I kiss other men!)

pjazzypar said...

You are really racking up the awards! Keep up the good work.

Malcolm said...

Susan: Trust me, the tour mgr. will never hear about it from me.

Pjazzy: Thanks! The kudos and the comments are part of what keeps me going blogwise.

Damien Riley said...

Congrats. I like the polls as cool playlists.

Malcolm said...

Damien: Thanks man... the props are really appreciated.

Cindy Swanson said...

WOW!!!! I didn't know about this, bad for not visiting you in the past few days!

I am very, very honored. Actually, you made my day. Maybe even my week. Thanks SOOO much!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Awww Thank you! I didn't see this post the last few days :( My bad.

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