Sunday, January 13, 2008

Final Results Of Cross Dressing Comedy Poll

Proving that well-done transvestism can stand the test of time, the 1959 movie "Some Like It Hot" received the most votes in the recent favorite cross-dressing comedy poll. I finally got around to seeing this about 5-10 years ago and thought that it more than lived up to its hype. If you haven't seen it but have TCM, you should keep a look out because they air it on a semi-regular basis.

Jumping out to an early lead, but falling just a little short was the Robin Williams-Sally Field comedy "Mrs. Doubtfire". One thing that made me laugh were the remarks in the comments section by "She" regarding the repulsiveness of not only the character Mrs. Doubtfire, but Robin Williams himself.

Coming in 3rd place was the Oscar-winning 1982 movie "Tootsie". Had I voted, this is the film I would have selected. I remember reading in the paper years ago that Dustin Hoffman had plans to make a comedy where he would dress as a woman. I thought that it was an iffy idea at best; man was I wrong! I felt that it worked on two levels: as a cross-dressing comedy and a soap opera spoof. Plus, I liked the theme of Michael Dorsey (Hoffman) dressing as a woman and becoming a better man as a result.

Since I hate to see an entry get shut out, I was pleased to see that the Martin Lawrence film "Big Momma's House" finally received a vote near the end of the polling.

Here are the final results:

Some Like It Hot- 41%
Mrs. Doubtfire- 33%
Tootsie- 20%
Big Momma's House- 4%

Below is the trailer to "Some Like It Hot"


Holly Smith said...

I voted for Mrs. Doubtfire. It's such a "feel good" movie, and I thought it was hilarious. I like Tootsie, and Big Momma's House, but they aren't in the same ballpark as Mrs. Doubtfire, in my opinion. Robin Williams is just fantastic in this movie. Plus, I love Sally Field.

Malcolm said...

Holly: I have only caught part of Mrs. Doubtfire. However, I did like what I saw. Since I got rid of all my premium channels and I don't like watching feature films on commercial TV, I will probably just rent it sometime.

Candy Minx said...

I was torn...but Soem LiekIt Hot will always win...but I was a huge huge fan of Tootsie...would still watch it again anytime.

X. Dell said...

Tootsie was my second choice. But Billy Wilder was such a great director, and Some Like It Hot showed him and Monroe at the top of their games. The interplay and irony between her, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon made the movie funnier than anything.

BTW, when She swings by, expect a few good laughs.

Malcolm said...

Candy: One of my favorite parts in "Tootsie" was the scene where Michael Dorsey goes into a restaurant dressed as Dorothy and interrupts his agent's lunch. I loved how Dustin Hoffman was switching between his natural voice and that of "Dorothy" during that scene.

X. Dell: No argument from me about the merits of Billy Wilder. "Sunset Blvd.", "Double Indemnity", and "Stalag 17" are some of my favorite films as well.

BeckEye said...

I loved "Some Like it Hot." They turned it into a musical some years ago and my sister and I checked it out. It was pretty good. Not as good as the movie of course, 'cause nothing beats Jack Lemmon.

I used to watch "Bosom Buddies" pretty religiously. :)

Malcolm said...

Beckeye: I heard some good things about the musical version. I read that they did a stage production of the film in 2002 and Tony Curtis portrayed the character orig. played by Joe E. Brown. That would have been interesting to see.

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