Friday, January 18, 2008

Retro PSA: This Is Your Brain On Drugs

Because destruction can be an attention grabber, I am featuring the memorable "This Is Your Brain On Drugs" public service announcement from 1998. Starring actress Rachel Leigh Cook (She's All That and Josie & the Pussycats), the PSA was selected by TV Guide as one of the 100 greatest television advertisements ever. For those who had plans to go all Trainspotting and ride the "white horse", I hope that the sight of Rachel Leigh using a skillet on a dairy product and various kitchen items to point out the dangers of heroin made an impression. The only problem is that after watching the commercial just now, I have a jones for an omelette... but I am out of eggs! Damn it!


The Rock Chick said...

I always thought that these types of ads (and the other one where they drop the egg into the hot pan) were much better than the "Just Say No" ads.

This one pretty much makes the point they are trying to get across. They should really re-reun these ads!


X. Dell said...

I loved the PSA that preceded this. When the actor asked, "Any questions," the first thing that came to my mind was, "Yeah, could you fry me a couple of strips of bacon with that?"

Candy Minx said...

Yeah...I remember these and although the actress is very good...this seems even weaker than itdid back then. I don't know....addicts don't really feel that kind of guilt...part of the problem being that the script says this is your family etc.

For a lot of addicts, taking drugs or abusing booze and sex or gambling is a reaction and compensation to the family dynamic...sometimes the family WAS the problem!

I've just watched the first two episodes of Clelbrity Rehab on VH1...i havea feeling this program will really be an eyeopener for young kids before they get to an age for drugs. These people including Chynna Doll, Brigette Nielsen , William Baldwin, Jeff Conaway...are a absolute is so sad. I cried at episode twoo actually.

Hey Malcolm, I did respond to yourquestion about Bewitched what movie it was from...but here it is again..."Bell, Book and Candle" starring Kim Novak and James Stewart, 1958.

Happy Days was an offshoot of American Grafitti>


gurl with glasses said...

i don't recall ever seeing this add, i remember the other one where the man drops the egg into the frying pan...but this was is so much more fun!
thanks for sharing :)

Malcolm said...

Jessica: I seem to remember that the "Just Say No" ads were a bit on the silly side. I am surprised that the "This Is Your Brain On Drugs" ads haven't been resurrected or updated.

X. Dell: The orig. "This Is Your Brain On Drugs" ad was a good one. Do you remember the parodies that they came out with? Here is the link to a fridge magnet that parodies the ad:

Candy: I was channel surfing and stopped on E! Dr. Drew was appearing on a talk show where he was discussing the Celebrity Rehab show. They showed a clip of Jeff Conaway going threw withdrawal. I might have to check this out.

Gurl With Glasses: I'll bet that Rachel Leigh had fun filming this commercial. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets asked about this commercial just as much as some of her movies.

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