Thursday, January 31, 2008

People Come Up With the Craziest Searches Part II: The Naked Truth

In the latest installment of "People Come Up With the Craziest Searches", I thought I would share some of the strange keyword combos that have led people to my blog over the past couple of months. Because I obviously remember the posts I have written, most of these keywords make perfect sense. Still, I am amazed at the number of people searching for nude pics of 60s sex kitten Joey Heatherton.

  1. stevie nicks on stage topless
  2. joey heatherton totally naked
  4. does lil richard have a boyfriend
  6. breakfast club trivia car andrew is dropped off in
  7. sugar gay hustler movie "closing credits"
  8. the afro is retro
  9. thailand insane laverne and shirley
  10. picket fences cow baby
  11. "hey love" "no my brother"
  12. "and my diet pill is wearing off"
  13. karate Kid - Sweep the leg clip
  14. joey heatherton nude pictures
  15. joey heatherton naked
What are some of the craziest keyword searches that people have used to find your blog lately?


Rian Fike said...

I have search your site for three hours now, and I cannot find the topless Stevie Nicks, lol!!!

X. Dell said...

I've never done one of these "strange search" posts, because I don't really have that many sex-related queries other than "Jackie Kennedy nude," "Twilight Sex" (whatever the hell that means), "how to find the X-Spot," (didn't that used to be the G-Spot?), and "nude Harvard women."

Boring stuff, really.

Of course, by listing these here, you're going to get even more queries for those search items.

Malcolm said...

Rian: Thanks for stopping by. Aw, I should have told you where you can get to the Stevie Nicks pics from my blog. I have the link embedded in a post from Nov 13th. The page also contains pics of Toni Tenille and Anne Murray. Just kidding!

X. Dell: "Twilight Sex"... that's a new one for me too. If me listing those keywords gets me more visitors, I am all for it. Although they may not find what they are looking for, I hope that something on my blog catches their eye.

Anonymous said...

Question: Using blogger, how does one check to see what searches are used to find ones blog? I've always been curious.

Malcolm said...

Michael: I get my site stats info from Blog Patrol. It gives me info such as: # of daily visitors, the last 10 pages visited, top 10 pages visited, referral/keyword info, etc. If you are interested in signing up (it's free), you can visit them at:

FRIGGA said...

Haha, those things always crack me up!

Happy Thursday :-)

Candy Minx said...

Oh these are so much fun...I'll post some of mine tomorrow...

Holly Smith said...

picket fences cow baby??? That's funny. My dad's nickname for my brother when he was being cranky was "cow baby"....

gurl with glasses said...

didn't i tell you that when i am at work, and don't have your blog bookmarked, that i just put in "does lil richard have a boyfriend" into the search engine?


Malcolm said...

Frigga: Sometimes I read them and say, "What the hell?!"

Candy: As you said, these are fun. They also serve as a cheap way for me to do a post when I am either pressed for time or feeling uninspired. They are the blogging equivalent of a sitcom's "clip" show.

Holly: If I wasn't familiar with the Picket Fences episode, the keywords "Picket Fences cow baby" wouldn't make any sense to me either. There was an episode where cows were being used to help breed human babies. When I posted about "Picket Fences" coming to DVD last year, I mentioned that episode.

Dawn: I knew you entered something like that... only I thought you used Tab Hunter's name instead of Little Richard's.

Samantha_K said...

#7 made me laugh so hard. I don't know why, but even just thinking about it...

And a Brat Pack fan, I really appreciate that one.

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