Sunday, January 6, 2008

Final Results of the TV Show On DVD Poll

Making a late surge (or should I say Serge), the Bronson Pinchot/Mark Linn-Baker sitcom "Perfect Strangers" received the most votes in the recent poll in which I asked what TV show are you most anticipating coming to DVD this year. Since there haven't been any announcements yet of any huge TV shows ala "Seinfeld" or "Lost" coming to DVD for the first time this year, the poll voting was relatively close.

Coming in 2nd place was the Saturday night staple "The Love Boat" (Season 1, Volume 1 is scheduled to hit shelves on March 4th). Due to its heavy use of famous guest stars and because "The Love Boat" isn't a show that you necessarily have to watch in chronological order, I thought that CBS Home Entertainment might take the "Best of" approach and package episodes based around a particular theme. Who knows, maybe they will take this route somewhere down the line.

Bringing up the rear in voting was "The Price Is Right", which didn't surprise me all that much. Although the Game Show Network has proved that there is an audience for these reruns, buying them on DVD is another matter.

Here are the final results:

Perfect Strangers- 27%
The Love Boat- 22%
The Equalizer/The New Adv. of Old Christine- 16% each
The Smurfs- 11%
The Price Is Right-5%

Below are clips/montages from "Perfect Strangers", including a scene featuring Harriette and Carl Winslow before their characters were spun off onto "Family Matters". Because I hadn't seen "Perfect Strangers" in awhile, watching these clips reminded that Larry and Balki made a pretty good comic duo.


Holly Smith said...

I liked Balki back then, but Perfect Strangers is one of those shows that I probably wouldn't like anymore....kind of like Family Matters or Full House. I wouldn't buy The Price is Right on DVD...that just seems silly. But, I guess there's a market out there for it! I picked Love Boat...but I liked Fantasy Island a lot more! LOL

Malcolm said...

Holly: I can see where the antics of Balki might where thin for some people. I can't remember where I read it, but someone said that when they were kids, Horshack, Ralph Malph and J.J. were some of their fave characters. However, they couldn't stand them after they grew up. When my cable company finally picked up TV Land, I remember being primed to watch "Family Affair" because I hadn't seen it in years. It was OK to watch for a couple of episodes for nostalgia's sake, but I found that I had long outgrown it.

I wish that TV Land would bring back "Fantasy Island". One of the episodes that I remember is when Gary Burghoff appeared as a man whose fantasy was to be a great baseball pitcher. Man, did he have a wicked curve ball in his fantasy!

Candy Minx said...

Oh yeah, I used to love this show.

Hey...I watched the "American Masters" program this week of Bob was really fascinating and now I want to get his first sitcom on dvd.

Malcolm said...

Candy: I caught some of that "American Masters" special. It was really good. In fact, all of the specials in that series I have seen are worthwhile. If you are a fan of Carol Burnett, you should check out the one on her that premiered late last year.

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