Monday, November 2, 2009

CTFD: Teens Face Charges For Rapping At McDonald's Drive-Thru

Last week, four Utah teens were ordered to face charges of disorderly conduct after performing a rap from a popular You Tube video at McDonald's. The four students from Lone Peak High in American Fork, UT performed the rap, which begins with the line "I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce...," twice, causing employees to ask them to either order or leave as they were holding up the line. According to one of the accused, there wasn't anyone in line at the time.

The four left without ordering, but were tracked down by police at a volleyball game and issued with citations. The McDonald's employees claimed that the teens used vulgar language and that employees felt threatened by their behaviour. The accused deny acting in a threatening manner, and claim that only one vulgar word was used. The parents of the accused plan to contest the charges.

Didn't these teens realize they were in Utah?! There is NO rapping in Osmond country! Now, if they wanted to sing their order to the tune of either One Bad Apple or Down by the Lazy River, they would have been OK. Seriously, don't the cops in UT have anything better to do?

The clip below is from The Young Turks where they breakdown this story:


Penny said...

ha ha ha..thats great!

Dave Vacilek said...

I want to preface my opinion by saying that I hate rap and waiting in line at the drive-thru. Was this a stupid prank? Yes. Worthy of a citation? No. Didn't we all do goofy crap when we were younger? We need to send UT some real criminals to liven things up and to help them put things in perspective.

Malcolm said...

Penny: I wonder how silly do the cops feel now.

Dave: I like your idea of shipping real criminals to UT. I'm sure would-be rappers will appreciate having the heat taken off of them.

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