Monday, November 9, 2009

Out of the Saddle: Steven Tyler Reportedly Quits Aerosmith

Say it ain't so Joe... Perry?! According to Perry (Aerosmith's lead guitarist), Steven Tyler, the rock band's frontman since it's formation in 1970, has left the group. Perry has stated that the band plans to continue and is considering a new vocalist to replace Tyler.

For more on the story, please visit the following link:

Joe Perry Reports That Steven Tyler Has Quit Aerosmith

Should Aerosmith hire a replacement lead singer for Steven Tyler?

Update: It looks as if The Toxic Twins have worked things out:

Steven Tyler Staying with Aerosmith

Below is the video to one of my favorite Aerosmith tunes, 2001's Jaded:


Jessica said...

You know how I feel! Love that song, Man, Steven is HOT!

Miss Sarah said...

I heard this!! So sad. I mean Steven Tyler IS Aerosmith. There is nothing without him.

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

I kinda have to go with the Steven Tyler is Aerosmith idea. Wow! I'll have to read more about this. Did they say why?

Bridget said...

Right. This has happened before with these guys. That's only twice in almost 40 years. Joe and Steve, the Toxic Twins, will kiss and make up...again. In the meantime, I suggest a listen to Toys in the Attic and some Joe Perry Project.

Malcolm said...

Jessica: I had a girlfriend who felt the same way as you do about Steven.

Miss Sarah: I read your post about Steven leaving Aerosmith being a rumor. That's good news.

The Chick Who Rocks This Way and Talks This Way: Whatever it was that caused the rift, it looks like it's healed. On Tuesday night, Steven appeared onstage with The Joe Perry Project. In addition to Steven announcing he isn't leaving Aerosmith, he performed "Walk This Way" with the band.

Bridget: You were so right about Steven and Joe patching up their differences. Still, I need to check out your suggestions.

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