Monday, November 23, 2009

Final Results of the "What 80s Movie Should Malcolm Watch Next?" Poll

In the recent poll where I asked readers to select the 80s movie I should watch next, The Goonies were good enough to beat out the other four flicks included.

Here are the final results:

The Goonies- 37%
Field of Dreams- 25%
The Little Mermaid- 18%
Blue Velvet- 12%
A Nightmare On Elm Street- 9%

Within the next week or so, I plan to watch The Goonies; I will post my review shortly thereafter.

In case you are wondering what the grown-up "Goonies" look like, here is a recent pic:


Penny said...

Yay Goonies!!

X. Dell said...

Too bad I'm late for this. I would have said Blue Velvet.

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