Monday, November 16, 2009

Please Take A Moment To Vote In the "What 80s Movie Should Malcolm Watch Next?" Poll... Thank You

Because the recent poll where I asked readers to vote for the movie they thought I should watch next received such a positive response, I thought I'd do a sequel... with a twist. This time I've selected five movies from the 1980s that I'm interested in seeing, but haven't. The movie with the most votes is the one I will watch next. Once I watch it, I'll post a review. Feel free to post in the comments section why you feel that I should watch the movie that you chose.

Before you say "I can't believe you haven't seen (fill in the blank)", stop and consider that unless you're a movie critic, there probably are holes in your film watching experience too. :-)


Penny said...

The Goonies is a freaking classic!
You must watch that next!

BeckEye said...

Field of Dreams fo shnizzle. I must have been JUST too old to really enjoy The Goonies. It's never been a favorite of mine.

pjazzypar said...

I had to go with "Field of Dreams". It is a feel good nostalgia piece (I always welcome the chance to see James Earl Jones do his thing). My second choice in "Blue Velvet", it is a cult classic, in the vein of "Twin Peaks". It is a weird little film, with a stellar cast, including a very young Laura Dern (I think it was the first time I saw her). I am not a fan of the horror genre, but I have seen "Nightmare on Elm Street" and actually found it more humorous than scary.

Jessica said...

Little Mermaid! but you have to see Goonies too!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

The Goonies just rock that is a perfect 80s flick

Pop Art Diva said...

There's a lot of holes in my seen movies list - simply because there are some genres I don't bother with - like slasher movies, teenybopper fare, B action movies, most foreign films. . .

I've only seen 2 on this list, Field of Dreams and Goonies. Of those two I'd watched Field of Dreams again and I have - several times so that's what I recommend.

And remember the line is "if you build it HE will come" not "THEY will come", lol.

Molly said...

Hey from the Certifiable Wenches blog! I saw where you commented on a post eons ago and wanted to say hi back. At any rate, my vote was for Blue Velvet. It's a real mind freak. And to be fairly honest (1) I think I'm the only person on the planet that doesn't like the Goonies (2) I've never actually watched the Little Mermaid all the way through after it scared the bejeezus out of me when it was first released to video.

Malcolm said...

Penny: The votes are in... The Goonies is on my to watch list this week.

BeckEye (aka Snoop): Even though it didn't receive the most votes, I plan on eventually getting around to watching "Field of Dreams".

Pjazzy: James Earl Jones is on my list of performers who make a project worth watching just by having their name in the credits.

Jessica: If only to jam to the song "Under the Sea", I wanna see "The Little Mermaid". I will say that hearing that song makes me think of one time me and my best friend went to a strip club. :-)

The Mistress of the D: I'm really looking forward to seeing "The Goonies" all the way through. I've caught bits and pieces over the years, but I want to get the full effect.

Pop Art Diva: A lot of people get that line from "Field of Dreams" wrong. It's up there with "Casablanca" in misquoted lines because Rick (Bogie) never said "Play it again Sam".

Molly: Thanks for visiting. I'll keep my eye out for "Blue Velvet"... I'll check to see if it's available for checkout at any of my local libraries.

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