Thursday, June 14, 2007


While watching the 2007 NBA Finals I caught the promos "Cavemen", a sitcom that is set to debut this fall on ABC. As you probably know, this show is based on the characters featured in a series of television ads for Geico Insurance. This has all the makings of being a pretty funny show... or going down as one of the worst ideas in TV history. I have to say that the curiosity factor will get me to tune in at least once.

What are your nominees for some of the worst ideas in TV history?


BookMama said...

I have to say this sounds like one of the dumbest ideas for a TV show I've ever heard. (I don't care much for the commercials, though.) Possibly superceded by Baby Bob, another stupid show based on a stupid commercial. Do you remember that one?

Malcolm: said...

Hello Bookmama: I do vaguely remember Baby Bob. Do you recall Baby Talk? It was on ABC in the early 90s(riding the coattails of the Look Who's Talking movies). When will network execs learn that sitcoms built around the idea of a talking infant will not work?!

How about these bad TV premises (all of which made it on the air):

Mr. Smith (an orangatan with a 256 IQ becomes a political advisor in DC)

Pink Lady & Jeff (the pairing of a so-so comic with a Japanese singing duo who speak very limited English)

Chicken Soup (featuring unlikely romantic pairing of Jackie Mason and Lynn Redgrave)

BookMama said...

I don't remember any of those but I can't believe they even made it to pilot stage.

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