Thursday, June 28, 2007

Larry King's Interview With Paris Hilton/The Stepha Henry Case

I caught the midnight replay of Larry King's interview w/ ex-jailbird Paris Hilton (I was getting my "pileup" on when it first aired). It was pretty much what I expected... a puff piece that didn't reveal much. Does anyone really believe that Paris rarely drinks and has never used drugs? Why didn't Larry ask her about some of her videotaped escapades? In addition to "the videotape", there's footage of her at a club w/ her sister where Paris uses a homophobic slur and the "n" word.

Maybe there were some topics that were off limits. If that's the case, what's the point in doing an interview? Hell, if Larry had asked her she probably would have lied about it anyway. I am glad that Paris is out of jail because now the news outlets can hopefully go back to covering stories that actually matter. I hear that there's a war going on... who knew?

Over the weekend I was reading a blog (Crucial Commentary) that talked about Stepha Henry. In case you haven't heard, Ms. Henry is the 22 year old black college graduate who has been missing since May 29th. Apparently, MSNBC put the kibosh on two interviews about the Stepha Henry case because they felt that the Paris Hilton story is more important. MSNBC isn't the only culprit, but their actions do shed light on the sad state of journalism. What does it say about our culture when a story concerning a useless heiress takes precedence over a missing person?

As I write this, Stepha Henry is still missing. America's Most Wanted has added Ms. Henry to its website so hopefully this will lead to a break in the case. It's reassuring to know that someone gives a damn!


pjazzypar said...

First of all let me start by stating that I hope they find Stepha Henry unharmed and I hope the search continues until she is found. Our society/culture is more hung up on the uninformed utterances of a very spoiled heiress or any other celebrity-based nonsense, than about finding a missing African American college student.

You know what, it didn't have to be Paris, it could have been Madonna, Angelina Jolie, or The Dixie Chicks to snatch the spotlight away from what is important (Stepha Henry's life) to what is pure unadulterated fluff. The racial implications cannot be denied. I hate to see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson coming (they are blatant opportunist, but that's another story) though situations like this call for them to bring the spotlight back to the victim. The bottom line is that celebrities are viewed as somehow above the rest of us mere mortals and therefore do not have to live by the same standards that we do. Now on to Paris.

Paris has been released...HOORAY! "Let the Pigeons Lose!" Who gives a damn??? Malcolm mentioned that some question were probably off limits...Every question of any significance wss off limits. The interview was merely a way to put a positive spin on Paris's negative persona, with Larry King acting as a glorified publicist. I thought Mr. King had a little more integrity than that, but like everyone else, he is going after the ratings and the financial gain that comes with it.

Supposedly Paris has "seen the light" [HALLALUJAH] and she is now going to use her powers for good instead of evil. I'll believe thst when I see it. Next month Paris will be back to her old ways; however I'll lay you odds that she won't be breaking anymore laws. With that said, maybe locking up celebrities for their wrongdoing might likely deter their bad behavior. What a novel concept? Nicole Ritchie you're next!

Wylie Kinson said...

I came to visit your T13 and saw this story.
It makes my blood boil!! People need to get their heads out of the freaking sand (Hollywood sandbox) and pay attention to REAL news.
Poor Stepha's family. Can you imagine having a loved one missing while being bombarded with and useless tit like Paris ON THE NEWS??

Malcolm said...

Hi Pjazzypar: You made some great points as always. To paraphrase a line from "Casablanca", "I'll be shocked, shocked" if Paris turns over a new leaf and devotes her time and money to worthy causes.

Hello Wylie: Thanks for checking out my blog. I often get upset about the stories that are given top priority by news outlets. However, I am grateful that we have so many ways to access information because we probably wouldn't have even heard about the Stepha Henry case 20 years ago.

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