Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Sopranos Finale

Although I was not a regular viewer of "The Sopranos", I did get caught up in the hoopla surrounding the series finale. From what I've heard/read from fans of the show, most of them fell into one of two camps... they either thought the final episode was brilliant or they were ready to "whack" series creator David Chase. When you combine the intense media hype with fans' raised expectations, it was next to impossible for "The Sopranos" finale to satisfy most of its fans. It reminds me of the disappointment that many felt towards the final episode of "Seinfeld" (I seemed to be one of the few who liked it). Which series finale did you love (or hate) the most?


BookMama said...

Let's see ...

Seinfeld - hated the ending (but I wasn't a huge fan of the show anyway)

Friends - liked it. It wasn't terribly exciting but it was exactly what was needed to wrap the series up.

Roseanne - loved the ending! The final season was so wacky that this ending really put a nice spin on it.

Everybody Loves Raymond - It was OK. Seemed like just another episode to me, though.

I can't really even think of other series finales that I've watched. I guess when the series gets to that point, I've generally stopped watching.

Anonymous said...

Although I wasn't a fan, I did watch the "Friends" finale... TV history and all that stuff. I thought it was somewhat weak. However, I did think the final scene of them putting their keys on the counter one by one (plus Chandler's last line "Where?" when Rachel suggests that they all go for one last cup of coffee) was a nice touch.

Some of the other finales that stick out to me include:

The Fugitive- it gave the fans what they wanted... plus, it was the 1st series finale that had most of the country talking. I read somewhere that bars closed early and no Major League baseball games were scheduled so that people could watch the finale.

Dallas- I really enjoyed the "It's A Wonderful Life" theme that the finale used. Although the IAWL idea has been done to death on other TV shows, I never get tired of it.

Cheers- I think it was the right move to have Sam stay with his "true love". It would have felt false if he and Diane ended up together.

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