Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #1: Favorite Childhood Toys/Games

For my debut list, I decided to recall some of the toys & games that I had as a kid. If I still owned half of the items on this list, I might be rich!
  1. Fonzie/Happy Days pinball machine
  2. Green Machine
  3. Talking View Master
  4. Six Million Dollar Man action figure
  5. Quiz Wiz
  6. Evel Kneivel action figure, motorcycle, and funny car
  7. Tyco racing set
  8. Play-doh Fun Factory
  9. Girder & Panel Building Set
  10. Merlin
  11. Mini Frogger arcade game
  12. Connect Four
  13. Tomytronic Electronic Tennis

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Chris said...

Fun list. I remember most of those. Happy TT & thanks for visiting my list.

FRIGGA said...

Hehe... I have Frogger on my cell phone, noone else seems to think that's cool ;)

Happy TT13!

BookMama said...

So you were one of the kids I was jealous of - you had all the toys I wanted!

Wylie Kinson said...

I had the Six Million Dollar Man action figure AND Jamie Somers. Ahhh I loved them both.
But I was 8.

FRIGGA said...

Hey, I just wanted to come by and let you know I posted the answers to the TT13 - Have You Ever - it's up at Any Apples.

Paz123 said...

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