Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Retro Mix Playlist For 7/18/08

7 pm hour

Give It To Me Baby- Rick James
She- Green Day
Brass In Pocket (I'm Special)- The Pretenders
Fancy Lady- Billy Preston
Hot Child In the City- Nick Gilder
Jailbreak- Thin Lizzy
All I Wanna Do- Sheryl Crow

With or Without You segment's feat. artist: Philip Bailey
Reasons- Earth, Wind and Fire
Walking On the Chinese Wall (solo)

Cherish- Madonna
Tones of Home- Blind Melon
The Chain- Fleetwood Mac
Too Shy- Kajagoogoo

8 pm hour

In the Closet- Michael Jackson
Hourglass- Squeeze
Ain't We Funkin' Now- The Brothers Johnson
Stay (I Missed You)- Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories
Who Wears These Shoes?- Elton John
Love Rollercoaster- The Ohio Players
At Midnight (My Love Will Lift You Up)- Rufus feat. Chaka Khan

The Guilty Pleasure of the Week:
Tearin' Up My Heart- NSYNC

Sumthin' Sumthin'- Maxwell
If I Ever Lose This Heaven- AWB
Goodbye To You- Scandal
Life Begins At the Hop- XTC
Baby Got Back- Sir Mix-A-Lot

The Retro Mix video of the week: Stay (I Missed You)- Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories


Barbara Doduk said...

Kajagoogoo, ahhh I haven't heard that in so long...

Nice mix.

pjazzypar said...

I got to listen for the first time since the show changed from Saturday to Friday night (woohoo). Anyhow I like the fact that listeners will be able to hear stuff like Maxwell's "Sumthin, Sumthin". Next week can you play Everything But The Girl's "Missin' You" or Sade's "Cherry Pie"?

Malcolm said...

Barbara: Thanks for stopping by. I was just telling someone the other day that "Too Shy" is the only Kajagoogoo song I know. I have been meaning to visit Napster just to see if they have any of their other tunes available.

Pjazzy: Adding 90s music will give the show and me a boost. It's funny because I was thinking of playing "Missing" by EBTG this Friday. Consider it done. Unfortunately, I don't have "Cherry Pie" by Sade. However, I can play one of her 80s tunes.

Jessica said...

ooh, Blind Melon...I haven't thought about them in a while! :) cool

Anonymous said...

My faves are: Give It To Me Baby, Cherish -smile-, Stay (I forgot all about that song!), and of course the very classy Baby Got Back...that'll put a smile on just about anyone's face. Good mix...glad to see you've added another decade to your show.

Malcolm said...

Jessica: I like "Tones of Home" by Blind Melon way better than "No Rain". It's partially due to the fact that MTV played the video to "No Rain" constantly. There was no escaping The Bee Girl.

Holly Who's Thriving: When I did the hot musical ladies of the 80s list a few weeks ago, I wanted to find a good size pic of Madonna from the "Cherish" video. Her frolicking on the beach soaking wet in that zip up dress... ooh yeah!

Even though I have plenty of 70s and 80s music, I started to feel that the show was getting stagnant. Adding 90s music did give me and the show an extra boost. It's hard to believe that some of the music from the 90s is almost 20 years old!

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