Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today Is Embrace Your Geekness Day

After browsing through the 2006 edition of Chase's Calendar of Events, I learned that July 13th is Embrace Your Geekness Day. Amazingly, this is an actual copyrighted holiday created by Ruth and Tom Roy of Wellcat Holidays. So if you dig and I mean REALLY dig things like comic books, music, D&D, or fantasy sports, today is the day to let your geek flag fly.

There was a time when to most people, the word geek was a 4-letter word (both literally and figuratively). In the eyes of many, it conjured up images of pocket protectors, nose spray, and taped-up glasses. For the most part, that school of thought has gone the way of the Trapper Keeper. Nowadays, there are numerous people (me included) who view the term "geek" as a badge of honor. As part of the term's evolution, it now denotes anyone who possesses an uncommon skill and/or knowledge in a particular area. I know that this next statement will come as a shock to you all, but I consider myself a pop culture geek. However, depending on the situation, I may break it down into specifics (TV/classic movies, music, etc.).

One way in which the modern geek differs from the "Poindexter" stereotype is in the area of social interaction. Although we may be borderline obsessive about our passion(s), we don't allow it/them to overtake our lives. If you have a spouse or significant other who supports your geekdom, you can even make it pay off for you in unforeseen ways. Although it wasn't my intention, I wound up impressing a former girlfriend with various pop culture factoids. She would show her appreciation by locking lips with me. As a result, I came up with the term "geek kiss".

Do you consider yourself a modern geek? If so, what areas bring out the geekiness in you?


Anonymous Mom said...

I am so tempted to ask you for a geek kiss...I'd like to see what that's like :)

I consider myself geeky with computer technology. But I work with some True Techie Geeks and my geek level pales in comparison to theirs.

Jessica said...

Cool Post! I never new there was such a day! :D

I definitely consider myself an all around geek. I love, and know, my fair share, about music, movies, video games,and even a tad about comics. I love scifi, and I'm somewhat of a Treky.

I also consider myself a Batman fan boy, or rather girl. :) lol

Jessica said...

oops, I never "knew" there was such a day! not "new" lol

pjazzypar said...

I have never really considered myself a geek, but the subject of R&B and soul music can get me to spewing facts left and right.

Anonymous said...

I was a marching band geek. But because my high school football team always went really far in the playoffs, and we had so much fun at the games, it didn't feel dorky at the time. We played songs like Long Train Running and Another One Bites the stuff. In fact, because I have so many great memories from that time in my life, I refuse to sell my clarinet on ebay (which Chris thinks is pretty silly): )

Malcolm said...

Barbara: The best I can do is send you a virtual "geek kiss". :-)

Jessica: There seems to be a day for almost everything. Since you consider yourself a Trekkie/Trekker, have you seen the documentary "Trekkies"? I found it to be hilarious, fascinating, and scary.

Pjazzy: I think an appropriate term for someone deep into R&B/soul would be aficionado. R&B/Soul geek just doesn't sound right to me.

Thriving Holly: Long Train Running and Another One Bites the Dust sound like fun songs to play. I don't blame you for not parting with your clarinet. I recently discovered that I still had some artwork that I made during my grade school days.

Jessica said...

Nope, I haven't seen it's been on my list for a while but something always comes before it. I'm moving it to the top...I'm sure I'll like it. :)

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

As stated, "Geek of Many Trades - Master (sadly) of none".

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