Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Tunes- Week 42

Tuesday Tunes - Week 42

This week is word associations (my answers are below). If you'd like to play, list the first song, artist, album, instrument or other musical thing that comes to mind when you see the words.

Cat Stevens

Fish: Fish Ain't Bitin' by Lamont Dozier

Dog: Atomic Dog by George Clinton

Comical: Rappin' Rodney by Rodney Dangerfield

Pretentious: Bono

Intelligent: John Lennon

Park: Saturday In the Park by Chicago

Make-up: Make-up by Vanity 6

Box: The Box Tops

Toy: The Toys

If you'd like to participate, please visit the Music Memoirs site. Be sure to leave the link to your blog in the comments section so that others can check out your list.


Polly said...

LOL! Pope Bono. LOL!

Michael said...

That's a great list. I definitely approve of your choice under "Pretentious"; mine was essentially the same.

Sassy Mama Bear said...


That's my responses...I love Cat Stevens and John Lennon.

Shannon H. said...

I enjoy Rodney Dangerfield's work now and then. Great list!

The Gal Herself said...

Great list! I love that you related "Park" to the Chicago song. I thought of it as backseat action. Oh well, my mind is perennially in the gutter.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

This is fun but I disagree with Bono being pretentious. If you want we can get in a heated debate over it :)

I LOVE Cat Stevens. Wish I had time to answer the rest but I'm on a break at work.

Southpaw said...

Hi, Malcolm!
Gee, I see so many Bono fans!! Heeheeeheee.....he makes me ill!
I loved your answers!
Mine are Here

X. Dell said...

Cat: "Cat Scratch Fever" (Ted Nugent)

Fish: "Saturday Night Fish Fry" (Louis Jordan)

Dog: "Jet" (McCartney)

Comical: "Stranded in the Jungle" (Cadets)

Pretentious: U2

Intelligent: Smile (Beach Boys--one of the most intelligently written, produced, and conceived albums ever recorded despite the fact that it took almost forty years to make)

Park: "I Miss You" (Rolling Stones--"I be walking Central Park; singing after dark; people think I'm crazy")

Make-up: "Break up to Make up" (Stylistics)

Box: Box Tops

Toy: Barbie Girl (Aqua)

Malcolm said...

Polly: I struck gold when I found that photo of Bono dressed as The Pope. There was no way I was going to pass up including it on this post.

Michael: I don't know if it's true, but there are rumors about plans to include a picture of Bono next to the word "pretentious" in the next edition of Webster's Dictionary.

Sassy Mama Bear: You have some curious "musical" choices on your list. However, thanks for playing along.

Shannon: Rodney Dangerfield is one of those performers that if he appears in something, I will watch it. Thanks for stopping by.

The Gal Herself: Well my mind is often in the sewer so it's all good.

Barbara: You want to debate with me?! You don't want any of this! :-)

Although it wasn't my intent, I knew that me calling Bono pretentious would get you to comment.

I had Cat Stevens' Greatest Hits on cassette. I used to listen to that bad boy all the time.

Southpaw: I was all prepared for members of "Bono Nation" to come out in defense of their boy. Maybe they were too busy worshipping at his altar.

X. Dell: Thanks for playing along this week. One of the things I love about this meme is seeing what pops into the minds of others. Where else would you see Louis Jordan and Aqua on the same list? Your answer for "intelligent" caused me to pull out my copy of "Brian Wilson Presents Smile" and set it aside to listen to this weekend.

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