Friday, November 23, 2007

Retro Commercial: Charmin Tissue

This past Sunday Dick Wilson, best known as Mr. Whipple in the long-running series of commercials for Charmin Tissue, died at the age of 91. I have to call myself out because I was surprised by the news... I mistakenly thought that he had already passed away.

Although he did several guest shots on TV (including multiple appearances as a drunk on "Bewitched"), Dick Wilson is probably best known as "Mr. Whipple", the grocer who warned shoppers not to squeeze the Charmin... but of course couldn't resist doing so himself. The commercial below is from the 1970s and promotes a newer, fluffier Charmin. I never in my life want to see shoppers rubbing toilet tissue on their face in awe of how soft it is on their skin.


X. Dell said...

I wonder if anyone has done a study on the obvious sexual repression featured throughout the "Please don't squeeze the Charmin" commercial. After all, each ad concludes with a customer catching him in the midst of orgasmic bliss as he fondles a two-roll package.

Sometimes, of course, it's a four-roll package. But hey, they come in all sizes, you know.

Sassy Lucy said...

Interesting like you I had thought he had died years ago.
Those were some classic commercials though.

stephanie said...

I totally missed this sad news, although I was aware of his 91st birthday this year (I even wrote a post:

Thanks for visiting me. You have a very cool site yourself :)

Malcolm: said...

X. Dell: I would love to see a case study on the Charmin commercials featuring "Mr. Whipple". I can picture him relaxing in the break room smoking a cigarette after getting his "squeeze on".

Sassy Lucy: Another celeb that I thought died before he actually did was Sir John Gielgud. I think that I got my wires crossed because his character in the movie "Arthur" died.

Stephanie: Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your post about Dick Wilson's 91st birthday. Since the link you included was cut off for some reason, I'll include the one that I received via email in case anyone else wants to read it.

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