Sunday, May 18, 2008

Final Results of the Recent Pop Songs In Commercials Poll

In the recent poll in which I asked how you felt about about pop/rock songs being used in commercials, over half of you said that it depends on the compatibility of the song and the ad. Had I voted, this is the choice I would have made. There are many instances where the song used makes very little sense. A prime example is when Lunchables used the Marvin Gaye classic "Let's Get It On" in a commercial set in a grade school cafeteria. My guess is that good sense/taste prevailed because the commercial disappeared shortly thereafter. On the other hand, there are cases where it makes perfect sense to use pop music in a commercial. A recent example that sticks out is the ad for the iPod Touch that featured the song "Music Is My Hot Hot Sex"by the Brazilian group Cansei De Ser Sexy.

Just a little over 25% of you said that you like it when pop/rock songs are used in commercials. Unfortunately (or some would say fortunately), the over-reliance on pre-existing pop/rock tunes has caused the use of jingles to decline. I know that many find jingles to be cheesy, but I think there were/are some pretty good ones. Plus, when I hear a jingle, I am more likely to associate it with that product more than if the company used some pop/rock tune. When you hear "Twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonions-
onasesameeseedbun", how can you not think of the Big Mac? However, does the song "Rubberband Man" automatically make you think of Office Max?

Eighteen percent of you said that you dislike it when commercials feature pop/rock songs. I believe this sentiment started when songs by "classic rock" artists began to creep into commercials (one of the more notorious examples being the use of The Beatles' "Revolution" in a 1988 ad for Nike). Having said that, it's hard to blame artists/songwriters/copyright owners for allowing songs to be used in commercials when you consider the amount of money they're offered. I know that some consider them to be sellouts. But hey, they're sellouts with a bank account.

Here are the final results:

Poll question: How do you feel about pop/rock songs being used in commercials?

It depends on whether or not the song/commercial are compatible- 54%
Like it- 27%
Dislike it- 18%


The Rock Chick said...

I chose like it because I do, but truth be told, I tape almost every show to my DVR and don't really watch the commercials in the first place :)

I love those iPod commercials, though, and I think Old Navy does a great job with theirs, too.

Holly Smith said...

Sadly, I remember hearing Rubberband Man on the radio (after those commercials aired) and thinking, "oh, that's a real song?" I thought it was written for Office Max. But it's a great song. (I probably shouldn't have admitted that.)

One commercial that I think is disturbing is the Chips Ahoy one with "If you think I'm Sexy..." The cookie is with a blonde love interest and then somebody snatches the cookie to eat it. Weird...not to mention creepy.

Malcolm said...

The Rock Chick: When you mentioned Old Navy, it made me think of the commercials that The Gap did in the mid to late 90s. Thank you for the post idea!

Holly: I've admitted to listening to Air Supply so I wouldn't worry about not knowing "Rubberband Man". I haven't thought of this in years, but I remember when The Spinners performed "Rubberband Man" on TV (I think it was on the Dinah Shore Show or Soul Train), they did this dance routine where they each had a giant rubberband!

I just went to "Cyber Crack" and found the Chips Ahoy commercial you mentioned. I found it weird... but oddly appealing. My head is hanging in shame.

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