Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Retro Mix Playlist For 5/16/08

7 pm hour

Back In Black- AC/DC
Mama Feelgood- Lyn Collins
Got To Get You Into My Life- Earth, Wind and Fire
Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid- Hall & Oates
What I Like About You- The Romantics
Beat On the Brat- The Ramones
Cruel To Be Kind- Nick Lowe

Common Thread segment: a set of Janet Jackson tunes in honor of her 42nd birthday
Don't Stand Another Chance
The Pleasure Principle
Come Give Your Love To Me

Go Your Own Way- Fleetwood Mac
Let Me Roll It- Paul McCartney & Wings

8 pm hour
Living In America- James Brown
How Ya Like Me Now- Kool Moe Dee
Turn the Beat Around- Vicki Sue Robinson
Holding On (When Love Is Gone)- L.T.D.
On the Dark Side- John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band
I Do' Wanna Know- REO Speedwagon
Lady Marmalade- Labelle
Born To Wander- Rare Earth

Double Retro segment's feat. artist: The Isley Brothers
Nobody But Me (rec. in 1963)
That Lady (rec. in 1973)

I Need Your Loving- Teena Marie
Rock Steady- The Whispers
Liar- Three Dog Night
Rode By the Place (Where We Used To Stay)- David Ruffin
I Can Help- Billy Swan
No More Words- Berlin

The Retro Mix video of the week: I Do' Wanna Know by REO Speedwagon (even after 20 years, this video still cracks me up). I think it's funny how the lady who introduces the video claims that it's one of her favorites, but then mispronounces the title.


pjazzypar said...

Another dynamite show. Lot of classics here (Mama Feelgood, Go Your Own Way, Turn the Beat Around, Born to Wander, etc.). I also enjoyed the double retro segment featuring those Isley Guys.

Jessica said...

I really need to make it a point to listen! :) I love how you threw in some Ramones!

Pop Art Diva Enterprises said...

Oh, Malcolm thanks for the video - it was a crack-up. I think the funniest part was the woman's hair! What decade was she from anyway??? LOL.

P.S. I'm being interviewed by Growing Bolder Radio this Monday Morning at 9:45 a.m. - check my pop culture blog for more info and listen if you can!

Your pop culture bud, PopArtDiva

Middle Ditch said...

An impressive list

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Yay Nick Lowe! A lady I met at the concert last month sent me an mp3 version of the show. It was awesome :)

Holly Smith said...

Love Back in Black, The Pleasure Principle, and Rock Steady.

Is Janet really 42? She looks a lot younger.

Malcolm said...

Pjazzy: Thanks! I love doing the Double Retro segment because it gives me an excuse to play music from the 50s or 60s.

Jessica: I hope you can listen someday. Since I hadn't played a Ramones tune on the show in awhile, I figured that it was due time.

Pop Art Diva: Until I found the video for "I Do' Wanna Know" on You Tube last year, I hadn't seen it in over 20 years! Since this video came out in 1984, that would also be the time period of the intro feat. the young lady who won the Friday Night Videos contest. I noticed that her "almost mullet" had some bounce to it.

Middle Ditch: Thanks

Mistress of the D: Like I said when I backsold "Cruel To Be Kind", it's power pop at its best. I never get tired of hearing that tune. I don't know if we talked about it already, but the reissue of "Jesus of Cool" has the orig. version of "Cruel To Be Kind".

Holly: Oh yeah, Janet looks damn good for 42. As I said during last Friday's show, it's hard to believe that it's been over 30 years since she first appeared on "Good Times".

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