Thursday, May 15, 2008

Live TV, You Gotta Love It!

This past Monday, veteran WNBC news anchor Sue Simmons yelled the word "fuck" during a tease for its 11 PM newscast. Along with Simmons saying on-air that she was sorry for her mistake, the station also issued a statement apologizing for the live gaffe. Thanks to my sister for forwarding this to me.


Bedlam said...

This is so common, im glad that you posted this video. I work with plenty of celebrities and they say words you wouldn't believe at the wrong time. This does show that the people we think are great for 'camera' are as normal as we are. Behind the scenes always show the real you. As you hear in the video her voice tone was different when she apologized. (camera front).

The Rock Chick said...

What bothers me most about these types of "errors" is the way some people, like this anchorwoman for example, treat and speak to their coworkers.

Having worked with someone who flew off the handle and screamed obscenities and threw things (The Goonan), I can assure you it's a terrible way to have to spend the majority of your day.

I have to disagree with Mad Hatter (sorry, Mad!)...if this is "normal" behavior for most people and workplaces, society is in a lot of trouble.

David Amulet said...

If I were in the local market, this would make me more likely to watch this channel!

Profanity doesn't bother me. Over-aggression does, but I hope we don't hear too much fuss about language because of this.

Holly Smith said...

Yesterday Chris sent me this clip of the ten best meltdowns on air (it included the Susan Simmons one- I think). And you have to see the Bill O'Reilly one if you haven't already.

pjazzypar said...

Vulgar Newscaster SAY WHAT??? (LOL). She said the word like she was no stranger to it. Not to get all sociological on you, but the sociologist Tonnies said we all have front stage and back stage behavior. People on television for the most part put their best foot forward, but they are still human with the same faults as everyone else.

I feel sorry for whoever she was talking to because they have a fucked up job (oops) having to deal with her on a daily basis. Had she been talking to me she would have apologizing with a black eye. Damn more back stage behavior.

Jay said...

I have to agree with The Rock Chick. What is most bothersome about these types of videos is seeing how people like this woman treats her co-workers and underlings. It's hard to believe that was a one-time outburst from her. It's kind of like that O'Reilly video of him flying off the handle. I mean people get angry and others for screwing up sometimes, but the lack of self-control is amazing to watch.

Jessica said...

I agree this is horrible way to treat people...definitely shows her character. I don't know if an apology is warranted though. Did she think she was off the air? In my opinion, when people in the spotlight apologize for things it's so insincere. They are just trying to say their butt. If anything she should apologize to the person she was talking to.

pjazzypar said...

I am coming back in only to stir the pot up a bit. We could only hear and could not see what was really transpiring that caused her to speak as she did. What if whoever she was speaking to did something very inappropriate and to say what she said was just a knee-jerk response? What if she was accidentally (or on purpose) groped or touched inappropriately? We are hearing a one dimensional conversation with three dimensional implications. I don't disagree with anything being said here, I am just playing "Devil's Advocate".

Lori said...

Dang, what the f@#k was she thinking?! LOL Seriously, it's one thing to cuss in order to let off steam, but quite another to straight "dog cuss" (one of the hubby's favorite terms) one of your co-workers (smile).

Candy Minx said...

Oh THAT is hilarious!

On the other hand...I agree totally with rockchick...what hit me was tnot that she swore but rather the way she spoke and the tone to other people.

I don't think she should have apologized for swearing...but for being a jerk to co-workers!

avogle said...

Hahaha. I am dying to know what made her say it. Hilarious.

X. Dell said...

I was amused the frist time I saw it. It wears thin, though.

X. Dell said...

I was amused the frist time I saw it. It wears thin, though.

BeckEye said...

Well now I'm dying to know who she was yelling at and what the fuck they were doing!

A New Yorker said...

Thank you for posting this. I read about this but didn't see it before. I have watched her since I was a little kid. This was just the SHITS and giggles I needed tonight.

Malcolm said...

Mad Hatter: I've long suspected that many celebs are jerks behind the scenes. It's too bad that they forget the famous quote from Jimmy Durante:

Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down.

The Rock Chick: Ooh, I read some of your posts about The Goonan. Hopefully he doesn't resurface in your life. Because the Mad Hatter mentioned that she works with plenty of celebrities, it sounded to me like she was referring to this type of behavior being common in the entertainment world.

David: I wish I were in that market too so I could tune in out of curiosity.

Holly: Bill looked so young in that clip, but he was still a raging jerk back then.

Pjazzy (aka Devil's Advocate): Ah, somebody's been watching "Hannah Montana" lately, lol. You could be right about there being a plausible explanation for Ms. Simmons' language. However, if she had been touched (accidentally or intentionally), I feel that her tone would have been different.

Jay: It did sound like the words rolled off her tongue as if she had displayed that type of behavior at work in the past. Although she will probably do it again, she most likely will be much more careful that it doesn't go out over the air.

Jessica: If her outburst was directed towards an undeserving colleague, I hope that she apologized to them. They were owed one more than the viewers in my opinion.

I believe she thought she was off the air. The incident reminds me of what happened to CNN anchor Kyra Phillips back in 2006 when her mic was live while she was having a conversation in the bathroom. Here is the link to the Kyra Phillips mishap:

Lori: It probably wasn't the first time she talked that way to a co-worker and it probably won't be the last.

Candy: I agree that the co-worker who was the target of her outburst should have been included in the on-air apology. It happened so fast, so I am willing to give Ms. Simmons a pass for the omission.

What's A Donzer and Beckeye: It would be great if the person she was talking to went public with all the details because I really want to know what the fuck they were doing too. I wouldn't be surprised if the station made the employee sign a gag order to prevent this on-air mishap from getting any bigger.

X. Dell: I have watched it several times and it still hasn't gotten old to me. I doubt if it ever will.

Lauren: Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'll bet this on-air gaffe puts Ms. Simmons in a whole new light in the eyes of many longtime viewers.

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