Friday, July 13, 2007

Amy Winehouse: Will She or Won't She...

While surfing Yahoo, I found a link that said "Bookies are taking bets on Amy Winehouse". Call me George because I was curious as hell to find out why. At first, I thought the bet might involve whether or not she:

1. Wins the Grammy for Best New Artist*
2. Ever eats again and manages to keep it down (the girl can sing, but she needs to put some meat back on those bones)

* Amy released her debut album (Frank) in 2003. However, since her latest CD (Back To Black) is her breakthrough in the States, she'll probably make the Grammy ballot for "Best New Artist".

Apparently, British bookmakers William Hill are offering 1/2 odds on Amy not turning up for her next concert gig (scheduled for next Tuesday in Cornwall, England). This comes after she cancelled her scheduled appearances in the U.K. at last weekend's T In The Park and Oxegen festivals, and was photographed bending her elbow in her local watering hole despite citing "exhaustion" as the reason for her cancellation. I can see a parody already (They tried to make me go onstage and I said no, no, no).

In just a couple of years, reports about Amy's personal life have become legendary (drinking binges, eating disorders, domestic abuse against her husband, etc.). It's distressing when a mediocre talent like Britney decides to hit the self destruct button, so it's even worse when an artist of Amy's caliber heads down the wrong road. For Amy to site Elvis Presley and Dinah Washington among her musical influences is one thing, but she really doesn't want to mirror their offstage behaviour. I'm sure she knows how those movies ended.

Regarding the odds on Amy making her next onstage appearance, a spokesperson for William Hill went on to say that she has cancelled too many gigs for them not to give odds. Can you imagine what those odds would be if Amy was touring with George Jones and Sly Stone? Speaking of Sly, his rep for missing gigs got so bad that he had to resort to getting married onstage to get fans to show up.

Maybe Amy's manager needs to use the "Cool Hand Luke" treatment to straighten her out.

Manager to Amy after dragging her out of the bar: You miss one gig, you got yourself a set of chains. You miss two gigs, you got yourself two sets. You ain't gonna need a 3rd set 'cuz you're gonna get your mind right and I mean right!

When it comes to making references and analogies, "Cool Hand Luke" is gold to me! But seriously, Ms. Winehouse... pull your packages together, get your ass on stage, and stop making headlines for the wrong reasons!


Taj said...

LOL@ the Cool Hand Luke reference.

When I read the first line, I thought you were talking about the Celebrity Death List. Yes, there is one and she's on it.

I was talking her up to everyone way before she hit it big here. It's a shame that talent like that is being wasted.

I saw her on MTV UNplugged and all I kept saying to my friends was "Why did they even let her on stage"? Incoherent is an understatement.

pjazzypar said...

I am definitely a fan. A good friend turned me on to Amy's first album, which by the way is better than the second album (in my opinion). Why is it that some of the most talented, especially those in the entertainment industry, have demons that they just can't seem to shake? I agree your tough love argument. I would hate to read that she is dead at 39 (like Dinah). Hopefully she will have an epiphany, eat a few cheeseburgers and clean up her act.

Taj said...

pjazzypar...Dinah Washington? My grandmother used to play her records.

I had seen a biography on her years ago and was amused to know that Quincy Jones (a much younger qincy) was one of her lovers.

It's sad but Amy seems to be headed that way fast.

pjazzypar said...

Hey Taj,
I read Dinah's biography many years ago. I didn't remember that she went out with Quincy, but I did know that both she and Quincy are godparents to pop singer Patti Austin. Winegard has a numerous bad examples to learn from, I hope she takes heed.

BeckEye said...

I just can't get into this girl. I'm baffled by her popularity.

FRIGGA said...

Ooooohhhh AMY!

Wait, no. Never heard of her. And from what it sounds like she's just a loser living her 15 minutes and probably can't wait till they're up. ;-0

Happy Friday!!

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