Friday, July 6, 2007

"Sex and the City" and "Martin" Possibly Headed To the Big Screen

On Thursday, it was announced that the long awaited big screen version of "Sex and the City" is set to begin shooting this fall with all four stars on board. Apparently the hold up was due to Kim Cattrall wanting script approval and a salary closer to that of star/exec producer Sarah Jessica Parker. The powers that be won Cattrall over by sweetening the pot and throwing in a series deal with HBO.

In other news, it is rumored that the Fox sitcom "Martin" might be coming to the big screen as well... with all of the principal cast members taking part. Given the problems that Tisha Campbell had with Martin Lawrence towards the end of the series, I thought a full fledged "Martin" reunion was about as likely as Ike and Tina (Annie Mae! Annie Mae!) Turner getting back together. Since this is all speculation, I'll believe a "Martin" movie when I see it. However, if a big-screen version of "Martin" will prevent "Big Momma's House 3" from getting made, I am all for it.

TV shows making the jump to the big screen with the original cast intact can be an iffy proposition. The original "Dragnet", "The Munsters", "Star Trek", and "The X-Files" are the only instances I can think of where this happened. For the big screen version of "Dragnet" that came out in 1954, producers used the "3-D" angle to lure in fans. Although "Munster Go Home" was rerun on a regular basis when I was younger, it flopped at the box office. The "Star Trek" series of films and the big screen version of "The X-Files" were successful because both of those franchises have huge cult followings.

With that being said, I just don't see a large number of people getting excited over theatrical versions of either "Sex and the City" or "Martin". Now if Carrie Bradshaw and her crew somehow ended up in Motown and rubbed shoulders with Martin and the gang, that would be intriguing. I can see it now, Carrie and Sheneneh getting into a catfight over a pair of Manolo Blahniks (Carrie wouldn't stand a chance).

What are your thoughts on these small-to-big screen ventures?


Taj said...

I'm not a Sex and The City fan. A few friends were into it and said they saw themselves in one or more of the characters. But I couldn't relate to any one of those women and never got into it. Besides, I wouldn't know a Manolo Blahnik if it smacked me in the face.

As for Martin, why? And like you, I am surprised Tisha Campbell would agree to work with Martin again. I vote no on Martin (and Big Mommas House 3..ugh)

Why can't they just do better? So many talented writers out there and they keep recycling unnecessary things.

Now if Sheneneh and Carrie were to throw up fists and Brothaman from the fifth floor dropped in on Samantha, I might be inclined to watch. Better yet...if they tell me what Tommy did for a living, I'll be sure to buy a ticket.

Malcolm said...

Back when I had HBO, I was a regular "Sex and the City" watcher. I think that one of the attractions was the novelty of women talking and acting so matter-of-factly about sex. However, it did bother me that there wasn't more diversity given that it was set in New York. I downed "Friends" for the same reason.

If they do make the "Martin" movie, I'll bet that they reveal what Tommy did for a living and use that to get people to go see it.

Brothaman and Samantha... I like your thinking.

Dame said...

I would love to see a Martin movie...It would be the funniest movie in years. With them being allowed to curse and everything lol

pjazzypar said...

I also was not a fan of "Sex in the City", but I am a fan of the "Martin" series. Not only were the characters portrayed by Lawrence simply hilarious, I thought the entire cast had moments of comic genius..."Cole you stupid". I would love to see this come to fruition and I believe that Tisha Campbell would show up. What else she got to do, I mean her career is not setting the world on fire so to speak. I think the last time I saw her she was portraying her real-life husband's sister on his show "The Two of Us". I know Tichina would be there (she was actually in Big Momma's House). It would be nice to see where the characters are ten years later. If the project is well developed it could be really funny, unlike another "Big Momma" fiasco.

Lori said...

I'm kinda like Taj, nothing about "Sex In the City" ever made me want to watch.

Now, a "Martin" movie might be interesting. It is one of the few reruns I can still watch from beginning to end without changing the channel. But I'm willing to bet if given a chance, they'd straight mess up a movie.

The reunion show I'd love to see? The crew from the "Cosby Show" or the one from "A Different World." Yes, I know. Sad, but true (smile).

Malcolm: said...

When NBC aired "The Cosby Show" retrospective a few years ago, I kinda wished that they had did a scripted reunion show. However, it was cool to see what the cast looked like in the present (including an adult Peter).

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