Monday, July 16, 2007

Isaiah Washington Hired By NBC

Isaiah Washington can step out of the unemployment line. NBC has announced that the former "Grey's Anatomy" star has joined their upcoming fall series "The Bionic Woman" for a five episode arc. In addition to this, the Peacock Network stated that there are plans to develop an action series for Washington.

Although I didn't think Washington's career would be ruined, I am surprised that he got rehired so quickly. However, I am pleased because I think he's a fine actor and deserves a second chance. I will add this... if Isaiah finds himself in another on-the-set dustup with a co-worker, he should definitely avoid inflammatory terms such as the "f-word". Instead, call 'em an asshole or something. To the best of my knowledge, the assholes of this world don't have an advocacy group that might lobby to get Washington fired.


Taj said...

I don't know...seems to be a group for everything these days.

Best it's only 5 episodes for the Bionic Woman. I just don't see that one lasting too long.

Lori said...

Yeah, I was kind of surprised by Washington's quick rehire as well.
His character is what prompted me to watch "Grey" in the first place and in his absence, I'm not so sure I'll tune-in as regularly.

I do pray one of the lessons he's learned from all of this is to fight fair. Had he not made reference to Knight (derogatory or otherwise) in his fight with Dempsy, none of what followed would have probably ever happened.

pjazzypar said...

Way to go Isaiah! I figured it would not be long before he would be back on network television. I do not condone his using imflammatory statements to attack his co-workers, however he jumped through every hoop ABC execs asked him to and was still shown the door. As far as NBC goes, nothing engages viewers more than controversy. They are intending to cash in on ABC's dismissal of Washingtonn although I don't think this is the series in which he will make a substantial contribution. He was absolutely compelling as Dr. Burke snd a very significant player on the show.

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