Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fall TV Preview: Chuck

While watching Wimbledon on NBC this afternoon, I was intrigued by a teaser for the upcoming series "Chuck". It stars Zachary Levi (Less Than Perfect, Big Momma's House 2) as a young man who is a computer geek by day (he works at a place called Nerd Herd) and a govt. operative by night.

After the brief promo, NBC included a web address ( if you wanted to find out more. Their ploy worked because I immediately went to my computer. Although the address was somewhat of a red herring, it did have a link to NBC's website where you could watch a full preview for "Chuck". It has a promising premise that puts a comedic spin on the series "Alias". Check it out and let me know what you think.

Chuck Preview


Taj said...

I had heard about this when they did the new season review. It vaguely reminds me of something but I can't recall what.

Glad to see Adam Baldwin in it. I think he has been under rated for many years. And seeing the woman..Sara Lancaster I think, leads me to believe that What About Brian won't be coming back or at least she won't be if it was renewed.

I'll probably check this one out, as I have that weird need to check out all new shows. Hope the line up is better than last season.

Malcolm said...

Hi Taj,

It will be good to see Adam Baldwin again. After all these years, I still think of him as "Ricky Linderman" from the movie "My Bodyguard".

Now that you mention it, the premise of "Chuck" does sound familiar. Although I don't know if this is the show that you are referring to, I thought about it and found that "Chuck" shares some similarities with "Scarecrow and Mrs. King". I checked and found that "What About Brian" has been cancelled.

When I was younger, I used to really look forward to the fall TV season. However, since the TV landscape has changed (more midseason shows, cable series premiering at odd times of the year, etc.), the past several years has seen my interest wane. Because of my blog, I will be checking out more of the shows this coming fall.

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