Sunday, July 15, 2007

Barbara Stanwyck 100th Birthday Anniversary Salute on TCM

On Monday July 16th, Turner Classic Movies marks the 100th anniversary of Barbara Stanwyck's birthday with a 24 hour marathon of some of her films. The marathon begins at 6 am and includes such films as "Meet John Doe", "Annie Oakley" and "Sorry, Wrong Number".

Surprisingly TCM is not airing my favorite Stanwyck film, the 1944 film noir "Double Indemnity". I understand that it's Christmas In July, but TCM could have scratched "Christmas In Connecticut" from the lineup and aired "Double Indemnity" instead. But hey, that's a minor complaint. I'm just thankful that I am off this week so I can catch a good part of the marathon. For a complete list of the Barbara Stanwyck films featured during the salute and a profile of the legendary actress, please check out the following link.


pjazzypar said...

Come on TCM! You cannot have a respectable tribute to "Grand Dame Stanwyck" without "Double Indemnity" and "Ball of Fire". I know TCM has access to these films because I saw them on the station before (at least I thought I did). Maybe I saw them on the old AMC before it went all modern. Another film I enjoy by Stanwyck is "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers". I think the reason I like this film so much is because of the performances of Van Heflin and Lizabeth Scott. Thanks for the heads off I will be tuning in for some of the features.

Malcolm: said...

I know that TCM has "Double Indemnity" and "Ball of Fire" in their library. Although I am not positive, I believe they have "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers" as well. I think that Lizabeth Scott is one of the underrated actresses of film noir. As for Van Heflin, did you know his sister was Frances Heflin (aka Mona Kane of All My Children)?

Another Stanwyck movie that I would love to see again is "The File On Thelma Jordan". If you haven't yet, you should check out "Executive Suite". Barbara has a supporting (but key) role as a neurotic heiress. Barbara also has a couple of her patented "hysterical" scenes as well. The film also stars William Holden, Frederic March, June Allyson, Walter Pidgeon, and Shelley Winters.

pjazzypar said...

I actually saw "Executive Suite" many years ago. I knew that Fran (or Fra as she was referred to on the set of AMC) and Van were siblings. Lizabeth Scott reminded me and probably most people of Lauren Bacall because of her looks, but that is where the similarity ends. I remember seeing her in "I Walk Alone" with Kirk Douglas. When you speak of underrated, unappreciated actors, she definitely makes the list.

Malcolm: said...

Lizabeth and Lauren did have similar looks. For some reason that never occurred to me. The first time I ever saw Lizabeth was in one of Elvis' pre-Army flicks, "Loving You" (one of his best films, IMO).

I caught "I Walk Alone" on American Movie Classics... back when they showed quality films on a regular basis. This was also the first film that Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster appeared in together.

From what I've read, she rarely makes public appearances anymore. I would love if Robert Osborne of TCM could snag her for his "Private Screenings" interview series.

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