Monday, April 7, 2008

Retro Commercial: Nyquil

Because it's been awhile since I have posted a retro commercial and due to the fact that a cold has been kicking my ass up and down since Friday, I decided to dig up this Nyquil commercial from the early 80s. Do you recognize the actor suffering from the "worst cold a human being ever had"?


Holly Smith said...

Nathan Lane?

what's a donzer said...

Wow. While not as poised as his superbly demonstrated acting chops in The Birdcage, significantly more moving than his performance in Mouse Hunt.

Get Well Soon!

J. said...

Nothing like a commercial from the 80's to transport me back to my childhood.

The Rock Chick said...

I totally remember this commercial! Ahhh, NyQuil! If I take it, I'm loopy for like 3 days...that stuff is potent!

Jane said...

Whattayaknow!!! Nathan Lane!

Malcolm said...

Holly: As The Fonz used to say, "Correctomundo"!

What's a Donzer: If you happen to catch it on cable, look for the movie "Trixie" (which feat. Nathan in a supporting role). It stars Emily Watson as a would be P.I. who never finished grade school. As a result of her limited education, she spouts malapropisms all through the movie.

Thanks for the get well wish! I took some Nyquil yesterday evening so I am feeling about 70%.

J.: The ability to watch old commercials from my younger days and even before I was born is one of the reasons I love You Tube.

Rock Chick: I took two of the soft gels around 6:30 last night. I didn't wake up until about 12:15 am. Missed the NCAA Championship and everything. I would have DVR'd the game, but I didn't expect to be out for that long. The most important thing is that I am feeling better.

Jane: Right you are. I think this commercial might be around the same time that Nathan co-starred in the 1982 sitcom called "One of the Boys". It's one of the shows that's notable because of its cast. It starred Dana Carvey (he and Nathan played college roommates), Mickey Rooney (Dana's grandfather who moves in with them), and Meg Ryan (Dana's girlfriend).

X. Dell said...

One of the things about watching old commercials is looking at famous people when they weren't so famous. Lane doesn't look much different than he does now, so he's easy to recognize. But I have seen a Martha Stewart commercial from the 1960s, and didn't recognize her until someone pointed her out. And John Goodman was very thin when he made commercials, so I only recognize him from his voice.

Pop Art Diva! said...

I love Nathan Lane - I don't remember this commercial though - but I think that was around the time I got my first VCR. It had a remote that was connected by a cord!!! But it was VHS and not Beta at least, lol.

God, I thought that machine was the best thing ever to happen to TV - zip through commercials? What a concept!

20 years later I am a TIVO devotee.

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